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Liz Storer for Wyoming State House District 23

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We did it! Thank you! I am excited to represent Teton County and the people of House District 23 at the Wyoming legislature. Paul Vogelheim ran a strong campaign and I admire his commitment to public service and to Teton County.


 Running for office here in Teton County has been a great experience – it has deepened my love and admiration for our community and further strengthened my belief that Teton County must playing a bigger role in Wyoming’s future. I look forward to working with our four other Teton County legislators to make sure that happens. And I look forward to working with representatives across the state and promoting a collaborative approach to governance in Wyoming.

I will be a strong advocate for the issues I championed in my campaign – the right for women to make their own healthcare decisions, including access to abortion as protected under Roe v. Wade, increasing affordable housing, ensuring equitable access to education while responsibly managing our state trust lands, providing property tax relief where its needed and fixing our long-term tax policy.


Many thanks to everyone who worked on my campaign, supported me or voted for me. Our work has just begun.

With gratitude,



Teton County values, Wyoming experience. Honest & effective leadership.


A 35 year Wyoming resident with a passion for wildlife


Volunteer, host an event, canvas and more.

Crowd Protesting

Meet Liz and fellow supporters

Honest & effective leadership.
Teton County values.
Wyoming experience.

Elizabeth “Liz” Storer first set foot in the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne in 1994 as an advocate for wildlife and water quality; she’s been following Wyoming state policy ever since. “Wyoming’s economy is like a bucking bronc, you know you’re eventually going to hit the dirt,” says Liz, noting the challenge of a boom-and-bust economy that comes from the state’s dependence on the fossil fuel industry. As Wyoming relies more on tourism to replace some of those revenues, Teton County finds itself in the crosshairs, says Liz.  Furthermore, “Rapid growth exacerbates our housing crisis, making it harder for working families to live here and diminishing the quality of life for all. Teton County needs better tools to address its challenges, and Wyoming needs to build a modern economy for the 21st century.”


The need for change is clear “Old habits are not the path to a prosperous future,” says Liz, “and climate change threatens everything Teton County cares about”. Wyoming can build a secure future that incorporates its real strengths: exceptional natural resources and stunning environments, abundant wildlife, a strong work ethic and friendly communities. She believes it’s time for Teton County to lean in to help address the state’s challenges, and with that, find enduring solutions to our own community’s unique needs. 

Preparing for the General Election: 
Tuesday, November 8

Thank you for supporting our campaign! Your generous support means a lot to me and made it possible for the Storer for State House team to run a strong primary race. Whether via financial contribution, volunteering, hosting events or otherwise, your efforts really made a difference. 

We know from knocking on doors and talking with voters that voters are responding well to the message that I have the experience and the values to provide Teton County with strong representation in Cheyenne - whether the issue is reproductive rights, housing, or tax policy. 

We used a number of different strategies to engage voters, including social media and digital ads, yard signs and banners, mailers, phone banking, meet and greets, key endorsements, and most importantly, door to door canvassing throughout the most walkable parts of the district. We plan to use all of those strategies - and more - in the general election, which we expect to be much more competitive but also winnable. 

I have a newfound appreciation for what any candidate takes on to run a strong campaign - it can’t be done alone, but it does require the commitment and effort I am willing to bring to the campaign and will bring to my job as a member of Wyoming’s House of Representatives in 2023.

With gratitude,

Liz Storer

“Liz is clearly the best candidate for House District 23. Before moving to Jackson in 2008, she lived across the state, worked with the legislature and knows both well. She will be a great advocate for Teton County.”

Rep. Andy Schwartz, current legislator from HD 23

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Liz has a comprehensive understanding of state trust lands, which is especially important for Teton County. She has long been a leader in efforts to modernize trust land management and fought hard to win acceptance of those changes in the legislature. Liz will bring tremendous experience to the work of balancing financial returns from state land to support public education while conserving their wildlife and conservation values.

Ryan Lance, Director of Office of State Trust Lands, Governor Matt Mead’s administration

“I know what it takes to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to get things done in Cheyenne. Liz Storer has that in spades.”

Former Governor 

Dave Freudenthal

Whether you want to donate to Liz’s campaign, host an event or put up a yard sign, or just stay informed, we want to hear from you!

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