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District 23


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Bipartisan legislative accomplishments that benefit all Wyomingites and stand up for Teton County


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Meet Liz and fellow supporters

Dear Friends and Supporters,


I am pleased to tell you that I will enthusiastically run for re-election to continue to represent House District 23 in the Wyoming Legislature.


Serving as a Teton County representative over the past two years has been an incredible honor and privilege. Despite the challenges, I am proud to have helped achieve significant progress in addressing the needs and concerns of our community. We’ve made good progress on property tax relief, an issue I leaned into early in my tenure as a member of the Revenue Committee, enacting policies that provide short-term relief while enabling long-term tax policy changes.


Despite a contentious budget session earlier this year, our Teton County delegation secured three important outcomes:

  • protection for the Kelly Parcel with a sale authorized to the National Park Service,

  • funding to expand Jackson Hole High School, and

  • funding for Central Wyoming College’s Jackson Outreach Center.


We also increased funding for early childcare centers and mental health providers throughout the state.


I am proud of these and other accomplishments; none of those gains would be possible without our ability to work with colleagues across the aisle. But I am eager to build upon these successes and tackle new challenges that lie ahead.


However, the biggest challenge to our community – and our state – is the increased power of the far-right nihilistic caucus; they simply don’t believe in the common good – those public services that benefit all of us and provide the foundation for our society and economy. They even voted to slash funding for emergency medical services, mental health grants for schools, and a summer food program for kids.


They are the ideologues out to destroy women’s reproductive freedom, further threatening our already precarious rural healthcare systems; they are the zealots trying to dismantle our public education system; they are the anti-government extremists who want to require guns in schools and other public spaces – except of course for the Capitol. Funding for wildlife conservation or affordable housing? Hardly. And more to the point, they don’t want you to enjoy the same access to the ballot box that they do.


So, it is going to take all of us to defeat them – and this community, especially, has a lot to fight for – for our working class and our wildlife, for our young families and our seniors, for our authority to make local decisions here rather than in Cheyenne, for our future.


I am confident that together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive state where an educated, engaged citizenry can build a prosperous economy that recognizes the value of all of its citizens along with its unique landscapes and wildlife. But re-electing me won’t make a difference if the far-right gains even more power. 


I would be honored to have your support in my re-election campaign. But more importantly, I need your support to fight across the state for our community. I am confident that this is a fight we can win, but it’s going to take everyone pitching in to do that. I hope you’ll join me.


Thank you for your support and trust in my ability to represent our community. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve as your representative and look forward to the journey – and the battles – ahead.  


Warm regards,



"Representative Storer successfully passed an amendment and subsequently the bill, in a move that was easily in the top ten of my legislative career...[She] did this as a freshman legislator from the minority party. She did this by working the House, the Senate, and the various factions. What was even more impressive is this was a constitutional amendment that required a two-thirds majority vote of both chambers."

House Speaker Albert Sommers

Authentic & effective leadership.
Teton County values.
Wyoming experience.

Elizabeth “Liz” Storer first set foot in the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne in 1994 as an advocate for wildlife and water quality; she’s been following Wyoming state policy ever since. “Wyoming’s economy is like a bucking bronc, you know you’re eventually going to hit the dirt,” says Liz, noting the challenge of a boom-and-bust economy that comes from the state’s dependence on the fossil fuel industry. As Wyoming relies more on tourism to replace some of those revenues, Teton County finds itself in the crosshairs, says Liz.  Furthermore, “Rapid growth exacerbates our housing crisis, making it harder for working families to live here and diminishing the quality of life for all. Teton County needs better tools to address its challenges, and Wyoming needs to build a modern economy for the 21st century.”


The need for change is clear “Old habits are not the path to a prosperous future,” says Liz, “and climate change threatens everything Teton County cares about”. Wyoming can build a secure future that incorporates its real strengths: exceptional natural resources and stunning environments, abundant wildlife, a strong work ethic and friendly communities. She believes it’s time for Teton County to lean in to help address the state’s challenges, and with that, find enduring solutions to our own community’s unique needs. 

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