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Where the work gets done

Revenue Committee

Revenue is where most tax policy bills are crafted. During Liz’s first term, the committee has focused almost exclusively on property tax issues, resulting in several bills in the 2024 session to expand the property tax refund program and provide additional property tax exemptions. Revenue will be considering new property tax changes should the constitutional amendment Storer helped to get on the ballot passes in November.

Next meeting: Casper, May 28 – 29

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Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources

“TRW” will be working on long-term funding for wildlife management, a subject Storer proposed. In addition, the committee will discuss legislation to address the torture of predators, state parks management and funding for Wyoming’s “creative economy” during the 2024 interim.

Select Committee on School Facilities

In Wyoming, the state – rather uniquely – is responsible for ensuring that all school facilities are capable of providing an equal and adequate education for kids K-12. This requires a process for prioritizing funding, addressing major maintenance, and ensuring the safety and security of our schoolchildren. While serving on this committee, Storer worked with her colleagues to secure funding for the expansion of Jackson Hole High School; the committee will meet in Jackson this August.

Next meeting: Casper, June 25

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Select Committee on Capital Finance and Investments

Wyoming has more than $26B in permanent and nonpermanent funds, revenues mostly derived from minerals. The Select Committee works to identify efficiencies, reduce complexity, and improve investment returns to increase returns that will keep Wyoming’s tax burden on its citizens low. Storer’s work leading an endowed private foundation for the last fifteen years provides her with a great background for bringing new insights into how the state can better maximize its returns and run successful campaigns for constitutional amendments that will allow it to do so.

Next meeting: Casper, June 19

"Liz will be a fully informed and effective addition to our current outstanding state legislative delegation as she has maintained relationships with many legislators throughout the years”.

Pete Jorgensen (D)
former Teton County state representative and UW Trustee

Whether you want to donate to Liz’s campaign, host an event, put up a yard sign, or just stay informed, we want to hear from you!

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